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  • Greece: Turkey fury over failed extradition bid for 8

    TURKISH Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu threatened Athens and the EU yesterday after a court refused to extradite eight military officers allegedly involved in July’s failed coup.

    The Greek Supreme Court denied the extradition request, saying the eight would not get a fair...

    Saturday 28th Jan 2017

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  • Greece: Turkish eight won’t be extradited

    GREECE’S Supreme Court rejected an extradition request yesterday for eight Turkish servicemen who fled their country after July’s failed coup.

    Presiding judge Giorgos Sakkas, reading out the decision, said the servicemen were unlikely to face a fair trial if returned to...

    Friday 27th Jan 2017

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  • Greece: Tsipras promises no extra austerity

    PRIME Minister Alexis Tsipras celebrated two years in office yesterday, promising that “not another euro” of new austerity measures would be imposed by his “radical left” Syriza government.

    His promise mirrored pledges made during the 2015 general campaign when...

    Thursday 26th Jan 2017

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  • Greece: Fascist attack on school preparing for refugees

    GREEK trade unions have condemned Tuesday’s attack by Golden Dawn fascists on a primary school meeting to prepare for the reception of 27 refugee children.

    The thugs stormed the Iconio primary school in the Perama district of the port city of Piraeus, outside Athens.


    Thursday 19th Jan 2017

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  • Greece: Happy to see the back of the IMF

    GREECE said yesterday that it would welcome the withdrawal of the International Monetary Fund from its “bailout” programme after the agency expressed reservations about a planned 3.5 per cent budget surplus and the sustainability of Greek debt.

    Dimitris Tzanakopoulos,...

    Wednesday 18th Jan 2017

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  • Greece: Tsipras pledges to rejoin international bond markets

    GREEK Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras promised yesterday to return the country to international bond markets in 2017, despite delays in a lending review and a spat with creditors over a bit of extra cash for pensioners.

    Mr Tsipras said that an easing of Greece’s fiscal problems...

    Friday 23rd Dec 2016

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  • Will Greek pensioners get some Christmas cheer?

    A row has broken out between PM Alexis Tsipras and the IMF-led coalition of international lenders over a so-called bonus payment to pensioners. TOM GILL reports

    Thursday 22nd Dec 2016

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  • Hollande rushes to defence of Greece against EU creditors

    FRENCH President Francois Hollande emerged yesterday as an unlikely defender of Greece against its EU creditors.

    Before a summit of EU leaders, he said: “It is out of the question to ask for further additional efforts from Greece or prevent them from taking a number of sovereign...

    Friday 16th Dec 2016

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  • No more austerity cuts after bailout ends in 2018

    GREECE has rejected further International Monetary Fund (IMF) demands for austerity cuts in return for its bailout.

    Yesterday the Syriza-led government refused to legislate any further cutbacks after the bailout ends in mid-2018, and accused the IMF of citing “false” data...

    Wednesday 14th Dec 2016

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  • Syriza squeezes austerity budget past parliament

    GREECE’S “radical left” Syriza-led government imposed another capitalist austerity budget at the weekend, squeaking through by 152 votes to 146 in the 300-member parliament.

    Apart from deputies from the right-populist Anel, which props up Syriza’s coalition, all...

    Monday 12th Dec 2016

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