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  • Buying a pig in a poke

    TORY ministers cannot look at an industrial crisis without viewing it as an opportunity to slash workers’ share of the wealth that their labour creates.

    That is the logical conclusion to draw from Business Innovation and Skills Minister Sajid Javid’s proposal that Tata...

    Friday 27th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

  • Cameron hits new low with EU pensions threat

    DAVID CAMERON was accused yesterday of resorting to using pensions to scaremonger the country into voting to remain in the EU.

    The Prime Minister said workers should brace themselves for a less comfortable retirement if Britain leaves the EU, as the fight for the support of older...

    Thursday 26th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Childcare costs drive young mums into pension poverty

    YOUNG women are being forced into pension poverty by having to cut their contributions in order to pay for childcare, a study out today reveals.

    Many women in their twenties and thirties are cutting down on work to look after their children, the research shows.

    As a result,...

    Wednesday 20th Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Even Clinton is rejecting private prisons – so why isn’t Britain?

    It’s pure folly to invite some of the US’s worst corporations over here to run our justice system, writes SOLOMON HUGHES

    Friday 8th Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

  • Firm derails pension contribution deal

    WORKERS at train builder and maintenance firm Bombardier could lose hundreds of pounds every year from their wages because bosses are refusing to cough up their fair share of pension contributions.

    New regulations have been introduced which increase contributions to pension...

    Tuesday 5th Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Maude’s the pity

    The departing Trade Minister has used his low profile to privatise pensions by stealth, writes SOLOMON HUGHES

    Friday 1st Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

  • Youngsters say: We’ll have to work till we drop

    FEARS of hardship in retirement are rising according to a survey published yesterday.

    A survey of almost 2,000 workers by financial advisers Willis Towers Watson found that 20 per cent of under-40s were resigned to working beyond their sixties.

    The government’s response...

    Tuesday 29th Mar 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • NASUWT Conference: Teachers’ pension age is ‘unacceptably high’

    TEACHERS cried out against the “unacceptably high pension age” in the profession yesterday.

    In a series of speeches NASUWT delegates in Birmingham recounted their fears of working into their later years and trying to cope with an punishing work-life balance. 


    Monday 28th Mar 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Public don’t understand new pension

    THERE is an “alarming” lack of awareness about the new state pension among working-age people, researchers found yesterday — just days before its official launch.

    The new pension, affecting everyone who will reach the state pension age on or after April 6, is intended...

    Saturday 26th Mar 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Waspi women stung into action over pensions injustice

    Changes to the state pensions age mean thousands of women in their fifties face a future of financial uncertainty – but the Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign is fighting back, writes ANGELA RAYNER

    Friday 11th Mar 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features