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  • Iran: Hunger-striking trade unionists ‘must be freed’

    AN IRANIAN human rights group called for the immediate release of two hunger-striking trade unionists in the country yesterday.

    The Committee for the Defence of the Iranian People’s Rights (Codir) said the health of Reza Shahabi, the treasurer of the Syndicate of Workers of...

    Monday 18th Sep 2017

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  • Blockaded Qatar restores ties to Iran

    QATAR restored diplomatic relations with Iran yesterday in defiance of the ongoing blockade by its Gulf Arab neighbours.

    A Qatari Foreign Ministry statement said: “The state of Qatar expressed its aspiration to strengthen bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in...

    Friday 25th Aug 2017

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  • Iran: Tehran can weaponise uranium ‘in 5 days’

    IRAN only needs five days to enrich uranium to weapon-ready level, Tehran’s atomic energy chief Ali Akbar Salehi warned yesterday.

    Mr Salehi warned US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly threatened to renegotiate or walk away from the 2015 nuclear treaty: “If there...

    Wednesday 23rd Aug 2017

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  • Iran: Hunger-striking opposition cleric taken to hospital

    IRANIAN opposition preacher Mehdi Karroubi was hospitalised yesterday morning, the day after beginning a dry hunger strike in protest at his house arrest.

    Reports said 79-year-old Mr Karroubi, who was already in ill health before he started refusing food and water, was transferred to...

    Friday 18th Aug 2017

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  • Iran: Rouhani can ‘easily’ restart his nuclear programme

    IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani warned the US against reneging on the 2015 atomic energy deal yesterday — saying Tehran’s nuclear programme could be restarted in a day.

    In a speech to parliament, Mr Rouhani said Iran could easily resume nuclear research if Washington...

    Wednesday 16th Aug 2017

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  • International outcry as Iran hangs man arrested at 15

    21-year-old Alireza Tajiki was sentenced to death for murder and sodomy – but confession may have been extracted under torture

    Friday 11th Aug 2017

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  • Tehran’s spooks foil terror plot against religious cities

    IRAN’S intelligence ministry said yesterday that its forces had detained 27 militants linked to Isis who planned to carry out terrorist attacks at religious cities in the country.

    The ministry said in a statement on its website that they had been identified during an exchange of...

    Tuesday 8th Aug 2017

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  • Renault in £600m deal with Tehran

    The Islamic republic signed its biggest-ever car deal yesterday with French auto giant Renault, a joint venture which will see the construction of tens of thousands of vehicles a year.

    The €660 million (£600m) agreement runs counter to US efforts to isolate Iran, including a...

    Tuesday 8th Aug 2017

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  • Democracy is but a sham in a theocracy

    As Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is set to be inaugurated for his second term today, NAVID SHOMALI reminds us that the country’s working class doesn’t endorse its clerical oppressors

    Saturday 5th Aug 2017

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  • Iran is next on Trump’s regime-change agenda

    Recent soundbites from Washington give cause for concern about the prospects for peaceful resolution of conflicts in the Middle East, says JANE GREEN

    Thursday 27th Jul 2017

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