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  • Iran: Government targets US in revenge for missile moves

    IRAN slapped sanctions on the US yesterday in retaliation for Washington’s measures against its missile programme.

    The Iranian Foreign Ministry targeted nine US firms and individuals for supporting Israeli “crimes against humanity in Palestine.”

    On Wednesday...

    Friday 19th May 2017

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  • Iran rebukes Saudis for making ‘stupid’ threat

    IRAN’S Defence Minister hit back at threats made by Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince last week.

    Prince Mohammed bin Salman ruled out dialogue with regional rival Iran due to what he said were its Shi’ite ambitions “to control the Islamic world.”


    Tuesday 9th May 2017

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  • Iran: Miners vent fury at Rouhani over blast

    IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani’s car was mobbed by angry miners yesterday as it drove away from the site of last Wednesday’s deadly coalmine explosion.

    The blast at Zemestanyourt mine in Golestan province is thought to have killed 35 miners, although only 22 bodies have...

    Monday 8th May 2017

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  • Communists say Tehran to blame for mine blast

    IRAN’S communists put the blame yesterday for the mining disaster in Golestan province fairly and squarely on government pursuit of privatisation and economic deregulation.

    Thirty-five miners have been confirmed dead so far, following Wednesday’s huge explosion, and 21...

    Friday 5th May 2017

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  • Iranian elections – no chance for change

    With presidential elections in Iran scheduled for May 19 the manoeuvring for position within the Iranian regime is well under way. JANE GREEN considers the implications

    Saturday 29th Apr 2017

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  • Tillerson: Obama’s Iran nuclear deal has failed

    US SECRETARY of State Rex Tillerson declared on Wednesday that the deal to restrain Iran’s nuclear programme had failed — but suggested Washington may still honour it.

    The nuclear deal brokered by former president Barack Obama and other world powers in 2015 has...

    Friday 21st Apr 2017

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  • Boeing signs up to build jets for Iranian airline

    US PLANE builder Boeing announced yesterday that it has signed a $3 billion (£2.4bn) deal to supply 30 aircraft to Iran’s Aseman Airlines.

    The new agreement is on top of the $16.6bn (£13.3bn) sale Boeing previously made with Iran Air following the landmark nuclear...

    Wednesday 5th Apr 2017

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  • Iran imposes tit-for-tat sanctions on 15 US firms

    IRAN slapped sanctions on 15 US firms it accused of aiding Israeli terrorism yesterday as a “reciprocal act” for similar recent decisions by the US.

    A Foreign Ministry statement carried by the state-run IRNA news agency said the sanctions barred the US companies from any...

    Monday 27th Mar 2017

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  • Progress in Iran is progress for women

    Western leaders need to be aware that the sanctions placed on Iran are disastrous for the women there, warns JANE GREEN

    Thursday 9th Mar 2017

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  • Iranians lash out at President Trump at Revolution Day rally

    IRAN used yesterday’s Revolution Day festivities to send a warning to US President Donald Trump over his sabre-rattling towards Tehran.

    In what has become a tradition during the annual rallies which celebrate the country’s 1979 revolution, Iranians chanted “death to...

    Saturday 11th Feb 2017

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