12 Days Remaining
  • Cool heads must prevail

    ALL true friends of the Syrian people will welcome the ceasefire agreement signed by Russia and Turkey and backed by Syria, Iran and armed opposition groups.

    Peace hopes have often been dashed since the concerted effort to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad began five years ago, so...

    Friday 30th Dec 2016

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  • Iran: Rouhani attacks challengers for ignoring human rights

    IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani fired the opening shots in the campaign for next May’s presidential elections by accusing conservative opponents of ignoring human rights enshrined in the constitution.

    He didn’t name names as he suggested in a televised speech that...

    Tuesday 20th Dec 2016

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  • Iranian oil workers keep up their strike for unpaid wages

    IRANIAN oil workers are still on strike over unpaid wages after a partial victory this week.

    The dispute sparked an unofficial walkout at the Bushehr Petrochemical Complex outside the port city of Asalouyeh on December 5.

    Most staff returned to work on December 10 after they...

    Saturday 17th Dec 2016

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  • World in brief: Friday December 16 2016

    Israel destroys 866 West Bank buildings

    PALESTINE: EU diplomats said yesterday Israel demolished 866 structures in the Occupied Territories this year including the homes of 1,221 people — almost half of them children.

    The figure included...

    Friday 16th Dec 2016

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  • Iran asks Saudi rivals to help take on terror

    IRAN offered an olive branch to regional rival Saudi Arabia yesterday, proposing the formation of a bloc of Muslim countries to fight terrorism and boost economic co-operation.

    Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani told a security conference that the two countries, along with Turkey,...

    Monday 12th Dec 2016

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  • 15 ‘spies for Iranians’ condemned to death

    MORE than 30 defendants were convicted of spying for Iran by a criminal court in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh yesterday, with 15 sentenced to death.

    Thirty Saudis, one Iranian and one Afghan national were convicted. The defendants’ names were not released.


    Wednesday 7th Dec 2016

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  • World in Brief: Wednesday December 7 2016

    Australian PM plans to cut pensions; US to hand back Okinawa land; Iran presses Trump on nuclear deal; Cazeneuve replaces Valls as French PM

    Wednesday 7th Dec 2016

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  • China warns against reneging on Iran nuclear deal

    IRAN and China warned other nations yesterday not to renege on last year’s deal guaranteeing Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.

    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said during a visit to Beijing that the seven nations that agreed to the deal had the...

    Tuesday 6th Dec 2016

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  • Iran - Rouhani: Obama must veto sanctions

    IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani demanded yesterday that his US counterpart veto legislation extending sanctions against Tehran, saying it violates last year’s international nuclear deal.

    Speaking in Iran’s parliament, Mr Rouhani said Barack Obama is “obliged”...

    Monday 5th Dec 2016

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  • Iran: Bahai’i bashing continues despite Rouhani promises

    IRAN’S efforts to crush the Baha’i faith have continued unabated despite President Hassan Rouhani’s promises to end religious discrimination, the Baha’i International Community said yesterday.

    The community drew up a 122-page report for the United Nations,...

    Wednesday 26th Oct 2016

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