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  • Iran: ‘Step up fight to stop child bride being executed’

    REPRIEVE called yesterday for more pressure on Iran not to hang a “child bride”.

    The human rights charity said Zeinab Sekaanvand, who was 17 when she was arrested, could be hanged as soon as today.

    Ms Sekaanvand was convicted of murdering her husband, whose abusive...

    Friday 14th Oct 2016

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  • Tudeh: 75 years fighting for Iran’s working class

    On the 75th anniversary of the Tudeh Party, Navid Shomali speaks with MOHAMMAD OMIDVAR about the party, Iran’s current regime and the working-class struggle there

    Saturday 8th Oct 2016

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  • Jailed Canada academic in poor health, says family

    A CANADIAN-IRANIAN professor jailed in Iran since June has recently been hospitalised and cannot walk, according to her family.

    Homa Hoodfar, who has rare neurological disease myasthenia gravis, was arrested on June 6 while visiting Iran for personal and research purposes and has since...

    Friday 2nd Sep 2016

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  • Unions face daily state brutality

    Here we print an interview by Iran Today with Maziyar Gilaninejhad, leader of the Union of the Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI), who speaks about the state of trade unionism the country

    Thursday 1st Sep 2016

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  • Dehghan warns US to respect waters

    IRAN: Defence Minister General Hossein Dehghan hit back yesterday at US navy claims that Iranian motor boats endangered two US destroyers in the Straits of Hormuz.

    Gen Dehghan warned: “If any foreign vessel enters our waters we will give them a warning and if it is an act of...

    Friday 26th Aug 2016

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  • Iran clears Russia to use airbase

    IRAN: Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larjani clarified on Tuesday that the government has not banned Russia from using Hamadan military air base in the country’s west to bomb Islamic State and al-Qaida in Syria.

    “Iran is in an alliance with Russia and support its battle against...

    Thursday 25th Aug 2016

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  • Russians lose use of Iranian air base

    IRAN: The Foreign Ministry said yesterday that Russia’s use of the Shahid Nojeh air base in Iran to bomb terrorists in Syria was only “temporary” and “finished for now.”

    The announcement followed criticism of Russia by Defence Minister General Hossein...

    Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016

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  • US admits paying ransom to Tehran

    IRAN: US State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted on Thursday that $400 million (£305m) paid to Iran seven months ago was a ransom for US prisoners.

    Mr Kirby said the money was withheld “to retain maximum leverage until after the American citizens were...

    Saturday 20th Aug 2016

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  • Corruption, crisis and economic uncertainty

    It’s over a year since the nuclear deal was signed between Iran and the West, but ordinary Iranians have yet to feel any benefit, writes JANE GREEN

    Friday 19th Aug 2016

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  • United States: $400m paid to Iran was not ransom money, says Obama

    US PRESIDENT Barack Obama vigorously denied on Thursday that a $400 million cash payment to Iran was a ransom to win the release of four US citizens jailed in Tehran.

    “This wasn’t some nefarious deal,” he told a news conference at the Pentagon.

    The money was...

    Saturday 6th Aug 2016

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