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  • Havana offers vigorous response to US bullying

    CUBAN Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez rejected President Donald Trump’s new policy toward the island yesterday, declaring: “We will never negotiate under pressure or under threat.”

    He also refused the US president’s demand to return US fugitives who have...

    Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

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  • Russia’s wrath after US downs Syrian bomber

    Don’t stray west of Euphrates, warns Moscow

    Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

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  • US Syria tale full of holes

    TOO many questions remain unanswered before the US-UK-Danish-Australian explanation of the slaughter of Syrian troops in Deir el-Zour can be accepted.

    None of the Nato air forces operating in Syria in defiance of international law and the country’s lawful government has any...

    Tuesday 20th Sep 2016

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  • No charges for US troops who bombed Afghan hospital

    THE US Department of Defence will not press criminal charges against any US military personnel over last year’s air raid on a hospital in Afghanistan, it announced on Thursday.

    The Pentagon’s full report on the incident, in which an AC-130 gunship attacked a Doctors Without...

    Saturday 30th Apr 2016

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  • Butt out of Korean politics, China and Russia tell US

    CHINA and Russia denounced US military activities on the Korean Peninsula and in the South China Sea yesterday, saying its policies were bringing chaos to the region.

    Following talks in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov reiterated their...

    Saturday 30th Apr 2016

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  • Clinton and Trump both score wins in New York

    HILLARY CLINTON and Donald Trump extended their leads in the US presidential race after winning their parties’ important New York primaries on Tuesday.

    Former state senator Ms Clinton beat native New Yorker Bernie Sanders by 58 per cent to 42, winning 139 delegates to his...

    Thursday 21st Apr 2016

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  • ‘We don’t want a world war, but…’

    US DEFENCE Secretary Ashton Carter accused Russia and China on Saturday of endangering world order.

    “In Europe, Russia has been violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and actively trying to intimidate the Baltic states,” Mr Carter claimed, going on to accuse Moscow of...

    Monday 9th Nov 2015

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  • Right-wing bid to stop Iran detente fails in Senate

    THE US Senate voted on Thursday to block an attempt to derail the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

    Democratic Party senators rallied round President Barack Obama to thwart opposition Republican attempts to force the White House to reject the agreement.

    The resolution died with a...

    Saturday 12th Sep 2015

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  • Toothpaste puts Manning at risk of solitary confinement

    US MILITARY whistleblower Chelsea Manning could be placed in solitary confinement for having a magazine and toothpaste in her cell.

    Lawyer Nancy Hollander says her client faces a hearing on Tuesday for allegedly having the edition of Vanity Fair featuring transgender sports star...

    Saturday 15th Aug 2015

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  • Where is the Premier League’s Hammon?

    The US is making giant steps forward with female coaches , says KADEEM SIMMONDS

    Wednesday 5th Aug 2015

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