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  • Moldova: Socialist leader Dodon wins presidential run-off

    MOLDOVAN Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon won his country’s presidential run-off vote yesterday, signalling a shift away from the European Union and towards Russia.

    Mr Dodon, a former Communist Party member who left to join the Party of Socialists in 2011, won 52.2 per cent of...

    Tuesday 15th Nov 2016

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  • Russians rebuked over manoeuvres

    MOLDOVA: The Foreign Ministry summoned Russian diplomats yesterday to protest over recent military exercises involving Russian troops in breakaway Trans-Dniester — on Ukraine’s western border.
    The ministry said the manoeuvres were “provocative and inadmissible …...

    Friday 19th Aug 2016

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  • Russian troops in Transnistria drills

    MOLDOVA: Transnistria separatists reported yesterday that Russian troops have joined their forces for joint anti-terrorism exercises for the second time this month.

    Official news agency said that special units had taken part in military drills south of the...

    Wednesday 17th Aug 2016

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  • Moldova: Thousands scuffle with police at rally against new pro-EU prime minister


    THOUSANDS protested against Moldova’s new pro-EU government in a second day of unrest in the capital Chisinau yesterday.


    Around 7,000 protesters gathered outside government offices and parliament in...

    Friday 22nd Jan 2016

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  • EU-friendly protesters in Moldova get two parties’ backing

    TWO political parties in Moldova have given their support to protesters in the capital Chisinau demanding regime change.

    Eurosceptic Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) leader and former communist Igor Dodon and Our Party leader Renato Usatii called on Moldovans to...

    Wednesday 9th Sep 2015

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  • Moldova protesters erect tents in regime change bid

    PROTESTERS in Moldova’s capital Chisinau occupied the main square yesterday, pitching tents in an escalation of regime-change protests.

    Organisers of the pro-EU Dignity and Truth movement put up about 40 small tents a day after up to 100,000 people joined a rally urging the...

    Tuesday 8th Sep 2015

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  • Ukraine: Russia hit by military air access suspension

    UKRAINE’S parliament voted yesterday to formally suspend military co-operation with Moscow — complicating the Russian mission in Moldova.

    The five co-operation agreements scrapped by the Verkhovna Rada included one giving the Russian military transit rights to reach...

    Friday 22nd May 2015

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  • Moldova: Pro-Moscow governor

    Irina Vlah, who favours closer ties with Moscow, has been elected governor of a semi-autonomous region in Moldova.

    Election officials said that Ms Vlah won more than 51 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s poll to be elected governor of Gagauzia.

    Ms Vlah struck a conciliatory...

    Tuesday 24th Mar 2015

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  • Russian reporters given travel ban

    The pro-EU government was accused of trampling on free speech yesterday when it banned two Russian journalists from entering the country for five years.

    The ban affects Dmitri Kiselev, head of state-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya, and Andrei Kondrashov, who directed a...

    Friday 20th Mar 2015

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