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  • Yorks united in face of Tory assaults

    This weekend sees the Yorkshire and the Humber trade unions gather for their annual conference in Leeds to determine their policy for the next year – and it is a packed agenda. BILL ADAMS reports

    Saturday 2nd Apr 2016

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  • 800,000 live and eat at mercy of zero-hours bosses

    THE number of people on zero-hours contracts has risen 100,000 in just a year, creating a “nightmare for workers,” TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said yesterday.

    According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 801,000 workers — 2.5 per cent of the...

    Thursday 10th Mar 2016

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

  • Young unionists lead the charge

    Unite’s JAMIE CALDWELL explains how young members have invigorated a drive for decent treatment in the workplace

    Tuesday 8th Mar 2016

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  • The crane operator bosses putting profit before safety

    LAURENCE PLATT explains why Ainscough workers have been driven to take strike action – and why they deserve our solidarity to give them a lift

    Wednesday 10th Feb 2016

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  • Trade unionists target Sports Direct

    YOUNG trade union activists will target Sports Direct over its shameful employment practices today in a protest at Rangers’ Ibrox stadium.

    Unite’s Decent Work For All campaign has targeted Sports Direct and its owner Mike Ashley over the company’s use of zero-hours...

    Saturday 6th Feb 2016

    posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

  • Work: pleasure or drudgery?

    Increasingly in Britain, with the mushrooming of warehousing, call centre and service industry work, the workplace has been turned into a virtual slave plantation, asserts JOHN GREEN

    Thursday 31st Dec 2015

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  • Zero-hours behind joblessness drop

    THE government hailed a fall in unemployment yesterday, but more than a million people remain trapped in part-time work and millions more suffer low pay and zero-hours contracts.

    In north-east England unemployment soared by 12,000 — even before the thousands hit by the closure of...

    Thursday 15th Oct 2015

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  • A Life Too Vital to Forget

    BERNADETTE HYLAND on how the Mary Quaile club are putting the pioneering trade unionist’s life back in the spotlight

    Tuesday 13th Oct 2015

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  • Bosses ‘bend rules’ to penalise workers

    BOSSES are still imposing “exclusivity clauses” on zero-hours contract workers even though the practice was banned months ago, a Labour member of the London Assembly revealed today.

    Employers are using “effective exclusivity clauses” to penalise workers for...

    Monday 21st Sep 2015

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  • Flashmob shames Glasgow bar millionaire over pay

    UNION activists have staged a musical flashmob outside a Glasgow bar run by millionaire owner Stefan King, highlighting his mistreatment of zero-hours contract workers.

    Campaigners from Better Than Zero, a Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) initiative, sang out for fair pay and...

    Saturday 29th Aug 2015

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain