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  • Communists praise legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution

    RUSSIAN and British communists stood up for the legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution yesterday ahead of its centenary on Tuesday.

    Communist Party of Britain general secretary Robert Griffiths defended the achievements of Soviet power on the BBC’s Daily Politics show via videolink...

    Saturday 4th Nov 2017

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  • Britain’s communists warn against Tory Brexit plot

    THE Tories have been accused by British Communists of preparing to tie up workers and any future Labour government using EU market and competition rules.

    CPB international secretary John Foster told the party’s political committee on Wednesday that “big business is putting...

    Friday 4th Aug 2017

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  • Communists address issues of rights for Kurdish minorities

    COMMUNISTS from a number of countries gathered in London at the weekend to discuss the future for Kurdish national rights.

    Six parties — the Tudeh Party of Iran, the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Communist Party of Iraq, the Syrian Communist Party, the Communist Party...

    Tuesday 25th Jul 2017

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  • The Morning Star at the Durham Miners' Gala

    STEVE SWEENEY meets two Communist Party activists who helped distr

    Sunday 9th Jul 2017

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  • The story of a vibrant revolutionary culture

    BERNADETTE HYLAND recommends an exhibition on the importance of arts and education to the work of the Communist Party of Great Britain

    Thursday 6th Jul 2017

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  • Communists protest over Ukraine ban

    COMMUNISTS and socialists will protest outside the Ukrainian embassy today on the day the country decides whether to continue its ban on the party.

    The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) was outlawed in 2015 following the country’s De-Communisation Law, leading to worldwide...

    Wednesday 5th Jul 2017

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  • Jeremy Corbyn ‘has put class back into the heart of politics’

    JEREMY CORBYN has put class politics back into the heart of the political and policy debate thanks to Labour’s general election campaign, communists say.

    Communist Party chair Liz Payne praised the Labour leader for fronting a campaign that achieved a “qualitative...

    Monday 19th Jun 2017

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  • Communists hail Corbyn’s steep climb up the polls

    COMMUNISTS have applauded Labour’s advances in the pre-election opinion polls while warning that the party has “a mountain still to climb” to stave off 18 months of scurrilous attacks on leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Addressing the Communist Party political committee on...

    Saturday 3rd Jun 2017

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  • Griffiths extends ‘hand of solidarity’

    COMMUNISTS extended “the hand of solidarity” yesterday to all the families and friends of the young people cruelly targeted in the barbarous attack at the Manchester Arena.

    Communist Party general secretary Rob Griffiths said: “No cause can justify the deliberate mass...

    Wednesday 24th May 2017

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  • Thousands back CPB’s Stevenson

    Communist Party candidate Graham Stevenson picked up 5,696 votes in his bid for the West Midlands mayorality yesterday.

    Mr Stevenson, who writes the Star’s daily history column, said: “We will continue to encourage working people to fight for jobs and against austerity and...

    Saturday 6th May 2017

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