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Fighting Fund with Ivan Beavis

With everything that is going on at the moment, I am finding it hard to inspire our readers to make the final heave this week and get us past our Fighting Fund target. Watching Del Boy Davis waffling away at Andrew Marr yesterday I was reminded of those shadowy stallholders in street markets of yesteryear, who used to bamboozle their audience with unbelievable discounts on tat. When you got home you’d find that the box you bought did not even contain the tat. Davis is a con merchant of inflated ego and minimal talent and must be disposed off. The only way that this can be done is for the Labour Party, led by grime DJ Jez Corbyn to sweep away our failed Tory government and put an end to austerity, as the party advocated at the last election. Let no-one delude themselves that the adoption of such policies will be welcomed by the ruling elite either here or in the neo-liberal EU. Those who have exploited the people for profit for decades here and in Europe will do all they can to defeat us. The Morning Star has spoken up for socialism throughout our history. We rely on our readers to ensure our financial survival by continuing to back our Fighting Fund. Our enemies would like nothing better than to see the end of this newspaper. Use these last few days of June to send in what you can afford so that we can continue to wind up the ruling class.

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