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Fighting Fund with Ivan Beavis

If I had any teeth they would be gnashing like mad just now, as £129 received today is less than we need to ensure a successful end to this month’s appeal. I do thank our comrade in Manchester whose blood runs red on the road to winning the Europa League for his £50. Likewise, thanks to our longstanding Sheffield reader who has been contributing £23 per month for many years. Readers around south Gloucestershire are a lively bunch and one has sent in £30 and other online readers have made up our total today. So I go into the weekend in the hope that our readers will access the media, social or otherwise, to send in much needed money to keep the Morning Star out on the streets, in support of those struggling against the never-ending austerity policies of the Tories. It is the case that many of the cuts in benefits announced by that mega rich vagabond and failed journalist George Osborne when he was chancellor will actually kick in during April. The poorest and most vulnerable in society are being targeted to pay for the lavish lifestyles of the stinking rich and our paper needs to be there speaking up for these people — and those who are resisting this disgraceful state of affairs. We carry on because you, the readers, support us financially. Without this support the paper will eventually go out of existence. I hope that many of you will decide to make a contribution so that the Morning Star remains the best daily read there is. From everyone at the Star, have a great weekend.

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You can’t buy a revolution, but you can help the only daily paper in Britain that’s fighting for one by donating to the FIGHTING FUND. The Morning Star is unique, as a lone socialist voice in a sea of neoliberal media. We offer a platform for those who would otherwise never be listened to, coverage of stories that would otherwise be buried.
The rich don’t like us, and they don’t advertise with us, so we rely on you, our readers and friends. With a regular donation to our monthly Fighting Fund, we can continue to thumb our noses at the fat cats and tell truth to power. Donate today and make a regular contribution...